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Are you growing frustrated with your commercial roof's performance? Are you tired of fixing leaks and annoying repairs?

If your commercial roof is ready for a roof replacement or in need of expert repair we need to be your next phone call. We get to the root of the problem that's causing your roof to perform poorly. Sometimes improper installation or storm damage can be the cause of those problems.

Or maybe you're starting a new building project and when I get started right with a high performance affordable Commercial Roofing option.

We repair and replace commercial EDPM Roofing.

What is EDPM Roofing? It's that black rubber synthetic roofing that you see on many flat or low sloped roofs. This is a superior product that has been in use for over 50 years. It's known for its elasticity, and durability in cold and hot weather. This is a great solution for a commercial roof and many customers have reliably used this roof for their business.

Commercial Liquid applied roof coatings

This option is a favorite amongst many of the older commercial reroof jobs we do. This product is effectively used on flat and low slope buildings all the time.We offer a number of products that are right for your rear roof or new commercial roofing project. The elasticity and long-lasting nature of these liquid applied roof coatings have made this a very popular solution as well.

Commercial Standing seam metal roofing system.

Standing seam Roofing is a unique look giving your property real Dimension and face value. Aside from the very pleasing Aesthetics of a strong standing seam metal roof its ability to fight off inclement weather and wild wind is outstanding. Standing seam metal roofs have become very popular amongst some of our Commercial Roofing customers because of its beauty and strength and durability.

What is TPO? Thermoplastic Polyolefin

This is the large white roof that you typically see on many large commercial low-slope or flat roofs.This product is excellent for roofing systems and energy consumption. It's white color admirably reflects ultraviolet rays up to 90% creating a better condition for your commercial buildings energy consumption. Hot sun rays bounce off like a shield.It's affordable cost and long lasting characteristics as a commercial roofing option have made this a very popular roof amongst the commercial roofing industry.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Coating Specialists

Meyer & Company is a team of trained Conklin roof coating contractors, bringing you the building owner the best quality roofing system for your commercial roof. We offer roofing systems for all types of commercial roofs from, foam & coatings to our coatings for Metal roofs, EPDM roofs, TPO roofs, Mod-Bit roofs, you name it we have you covered!

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