Liquid Applied Roof Coating

Liquid Applied Roof Coating Company Knoxville Tennessee

When it comes to commercial roofing, liquid applied roof coating is applied refurbishment as well as new roofing work. This is considered to be an ideal system by putting in a lot of detailed work under the supervision of professional commercial roofers. At Meyer and Company, we are aimed at offering top-notch liquid applied roof coating services for both residential as well as commercial establishments. At Meyer and Company, our extensive range of fluid applied roofing & coating services is able to restore a damaging, yet functioning roofing system towards ensuring the overall safety of the building.

Through our professional liquid applied roof coating solutions, we are committed towards delivering long-lasting roofing solutions along with a highly efficient weather-proofing system for the fraction of the cost of the entire replacement. If you are looking for effective roof restoration from the damaging effects, you can consider our expert commercial roofing for Knoxville, Tennessee services. Our comprehensive range of cost-effective, reinforced, easy-to-apply & maintain liquid applied roof coating materials not only offer superior protection from water infiltration through the roof leakage, but also serves to be an excellent selection for complex flashing details. Our high-quality liquid applied roof coating material has the required qualities of eco-friendly roofing elements towards ensuring the best results for your commercial roofing system.

At Meyer and Company, our liquid applied commercial roofing solutions are carried out through the use of a specialized liquid membrane system that forms an exceptional bond with the building’s roofing. This unique liquid-based membrane is capable of creating an elastomeric, sustainable, and highly protective roofing surface that stands perfect for roofs where in leaking or standing water tends to be a major problem. This tested and highly proven technology is able to deliver exceptional roofing as well as waterproofing performance for your commercial set-ups that will stand for the longest period possible.

Liquid applied roof coating systems

By Meyer and Company make use of the synthetic rubber-based liquid that serves as a waterproof coating for the damaged, leaking, or existing roofs or even as a completely new roof system. Due to its high elasticity, the liquid-based commercial roofing systems are able to tolerate the varying movements of the roof in its response to different kinds of stresses including foundation settling, temperature, seasonal contraction & expansion, and so more. Benefits of Availing Our Liquid Applied Roof Coating Services.

At Meyer and Company, we aim to serve as the top-notch commercial roofer service providers in and around Knoxville, Tennessee. Through our commercial roofing for Knoxville, Tennessee services, we aim at:

 24/7 roof maintenance and repairing services
 Higher level of protection against premature aging and leaking of the roofs
 Reduction in daily contraction & expansion of the roof
 Superior resistance to damage and dirt

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