Commercial TPO Roofing

Commercial TPO Roofing Knoxville Tennessee

When it comes to commercial roofing for Knoxville, Tennessee solutions, TPO roofing systems serve to be highly effective. TPO roofing is a highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective option for most of the specialized industrial and commercial roofs. At Meyer and Company, we specialized in delivering top-notch- notch commercial TPO roofing services to our clients. TPO roofing system is represented as a single-ply membrane that is made out of ethylene propylene rubber materiaR>
At Meyer and Company Knoxville, we create highly functional commercial TPO roofing solutions that are aimed at combining the durability of the EPDM membrane along with the high-end performance of the hot-air welded roofing seams. Through extensive product research and testing, it has been proven that TPO roofing solutions that we provide are not only eco-friendly, but also tend to be offering excellent resistance to algae and ozone. Due to the reason that TPO roofing can be easily welded, it is often regarded as a seamless or monolithic roofing solution. Moreover, TPO roofing is known to be enhancing the overall strength of the commercial roofing system by around 3-4 times in comparison to the EPDM roofing seams.
If you are interested in hiring commercial TPO roofing services from a reliable commercial roofer like us, here are some benefits that you can achieve out of it:

Unparalleled Durability:

As TPO roofing membrane tends to be highly flexible, it is not only able to resist the overall damage, but also helps in repelling the damage caused due to wear & tear, puncture, and high impact. At Meyer and Company, you can come across a wide range of TPO roofing membranes in variable
thickness that is installed mechanically or ballasted by our team of professional commercial roofers. As experts in the given field of TPO roofing membranes application & installation, we are here to help you determine the right selection of the TPO membrane for your specialized roofing problems.

Increased Lifespan:

As our team of commercial roofing for Knoxville, Tennessee services installs the TPO roofing system correctly, its overall lifespan could last for around 10-20 years at least. Depending on several factors including the environmental conditions, roof slope, removal of the existing roofing materials, wear & tear, and so more, the longevity of the TPO roofing solutions might vary.

Energy Efficiency:

At Meyer and Company, we offer high-end TPO roofing solutions in a myriad of color options. The White TPO roofing systems tend to be highly reflective and thus, are considered “green roofs”. If you are looking forward to installing energy-efficient, eco-friendly commercial roofing system, then you can go for our top-notch commercial TPO roofing services.

TPO roofing systems tend to be highly reliable, durable, and affordable roofing solutions for several applications. Avail its benefits by reaching out to us now!