Flexion Single-Ply

Commercial Flexion Single-Ply Roofing Company Knoxville

Designed to Restore and Protect

The phrase “Flexion” refers to the act of flexing or bending. That’s exactly what Conklin’s most up-to-date roofing gadget is designed to accomplish. Conklin’s Flexion offers a difficult, yet extraordinarily flexible, the 50-mil barrier between you and the elements. The Flexion gadget’s advanced Polyvinyl Chloride (P.C) thermoplastic formulation has been strengthened with DuPont Elvaloy® and a thousand-denier, low-wicking fabric, imparting advanced strength, stability, and flexibility over the long haul. In addition, Flexion features herbal fire resistance, smooth upkeep, and favorable lifestyles-cycle costing. Integrate some of these built-in features with years of established overall performance and splendid income support from Conklin and you've got a funding with unsurpassed value-effectiveness. With Flexion, you’re included towards the worst Mother Nature can dish out.

Flexion® is a splendid desire for both new and re-roofing applications. Further, the membrane may be mechanically fastened or completely adhered, supplying you with the flexibility in all forms of utility situations. With an 83% sun reflectivity, Flexion’s energy celebrity authorized membrane offers extremely good protection from the factors and keeps you comfy inner even when the weather isn't always cooperating outside.

A roof is an extended-term investment and we stand firmly behind Flexion® as a roofing alternative. Also, take comfort inside the reality that Flexion’s chemical method is naturally fire-resistant and has been recognized with the aid of all most important code approval businesses. So, you may relaxation assured that our roof is ready for years of dependable, problem-loose carrier.

Superior Durability

Flexion affords superior sturdiness and safety in opposition to leaks as compared to roofing felt. It’s depended on protection which can give you a more peace of thoughts. The Flexion single-ply product line offers a large style of accessories which includes detail objects, achieved collars, termination bars and coated metallic to praise your software.

A Flexion® single ply device gives you an awesome go back to your investment!